May 31, 2009

Early Morning Shooting!

Was up really really early to do May's Free Shoot for my portfolio.

Generally I post some favourite pics right off the bat, but these ones needs some extra special love before they see the light of day. Sometimes the magic happens in front of the camera, and others the magic comes long after the image is taken.

In the meantime, here's one teaser image:

There were a lot of hilarious incidents on this shoot including: a marauding scout troop, iffy wardrobe malfunctions, frantic searching for a new shooting location and almost being locked out
of the car!!

Thanks Sarah and Dakota for your shoot idea, your laughter, and for braving the cold early morning temperatures!

More soon...

May 28, 2009

Wedding Photography Math

To all my couples whose weddings I'm shooting this summer; some photographer's math! I'm looking forward to all your weddings! We're going to have a fun time and a lot of laughs :D

More soon...

May 25, 2009

Rotem Loves Goshen

It was a gorgeous day in the city for shooting pictures of any kind, but it was an especially fantastic day to shoot Rotem and Goshen's engagement photos!

Thanks guys for a fun afternoon in the park, and for bringing the red balloon along. Can't wait to shoot your September wedding!! Enjoy!

May 4, 2009

Sweet Custom Cakes

Mmmhhh yummy yummy cakes!! Had an awesome day shooting with Sarah of Sweet Custom Cakes. She also fed me some delicious cupcakes! See below... Wonderful raspberry and chocolate icing... oh man it was to die for!!

Thanks so much Sarah for a fantastic day!

Diana and Her Boy Maverick

A wonderful session with Diana, her wonderful dog Maverick and a beautifully sunny morning!