June 29, 2009

Yeah I've Been A Little Busy

I apologize. I know I haven't written, posted, shared anything here in a while and I think it's that usual "OMG THE NICE WEATHER IS HERE!" reaction that I and a lot of other people get ...especially in Canada...when the snow is gone and you can actually be outside for longer than 20 minutes without the words "Holy crap it's freezing out" or "I'm cold" popping into conversation.

Things have been busy photography wise too. Spent 10 days out in Fort Frances, Ontario (it's right on the Wisconsin, Manitoba, Ontario border area. Some interesting things happened in those ten days.

1. I grew more confident in my photo skills
2. Got over my dependence on flash to help create an amazing portrait
3. Learned that I have a decent eye for edits
4. Found that isolating a subject on a background in the natural environment is important
5. Wood tick checks are an essential part of a shoot
6. Any light, including natural sunlight, can make a killer picture
7. Found what I think is my style
8. Discovered that I really really need to invest in some expensive glass

I'm sure there are piles of other things that I learned but I think those are the main ones that jump out at me right now.

So my suggestions. If you're thinking of delving deeper into photography, want to see if it's something you want to do more seriously, need to develop your portfolio, or need an affordable way to get a better photo education, then find a working photographer you admire and ask if you can be their second shooter, hold their light stands or sling their gear around for a week, a weekend, a month...

Okay, so enough of my waxing poetic. I'll post some selected images from my time away in the next post.

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