February 16, 2009

New Pocketwizard W00T!

Oh man! Hurry up and get the Nikon versions out there already!!! I need me some new Pocketwizards....

Although maybe this means the old "pick your nose" style Pocketwizards will be cheaper??
Yeah, I doubt it, since they've made the new Flex and Mini backwards compatible...sigh. One thing I did notice is how much the new Pocketwizards look like Elinchrom Skyports except with hot shoe mounts on them.
What this does mean is that I need to keep trying to make some more photography related money, or save some more photography related money to get my hands on some Pocketwizard goodness. There's going to be an 8 month lag time in letting the Nikon versions out..right guys?

More soon...

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