April 7, 2009

Hadn't Noticed

Looked through some Flickr pics this evening and watched the last year unfold. It was an interesting reminiscence. Some pictures I remember being there for, others I know I was away. There's a narrative that goes with some, and others, the picture stands alone. At certain times the tone is alone, perhaps even lonely. I can tell you why, but I'm not going to say. The constant is who they're taken by. The inconsistency is me. More recently I was there for many. One thing I will reveal, is now the tide has turned. The inconsistency is me, and my tone is more alone. Silly me for assuming a month would trump two years. Shame on me for thinking I'd mastered all my fears.

***Although this is more deep than I'd like to go with posts on here, writing has always let me master what I can never say in person. Sometimes other people's writings help too.

"Cause everybody knows that nobody really knows
How to make it work or how to ease the hurt
We've heard it all before everybody just knows how to make it right...
I don't care what the people say, they're probably lonely anyways...
Cause everybody knows that nobody really knows."

Everybody Knows - by John Legend


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