April 20, 2009

Magical Waters

Sometimes it helps to step back and look at what others around you are up to. Did some photography business planning this evening and then just toodled around the net listening to things and looking at stuff that I'd been meaning to get to. I was struck by a funny thought. I know a lot of very talented and VERY creative people.

I always knew I was surrounded by creative types, but as I look at it more closely there's a real explosion of creative types lately.

There's a specific group of people that I grew up with that I'm really noticing this with, and that's my church youth group.

Here's the tally:
1 Graphic Designer
3 Photographers
1 Actor
2 Bands ... at least (successful ones thus far...not just the "yeah we play in a garage" type bands)
1 Aspiring Filmmaker
2 Painters/Artists

The interesting part about these people is that all of them (except the graphic designer) do these activities in their spare time, on the side, and in supplement to their main source of income. I'm sure there are more that I haven't mentioned who belonged to this group from about 1995 to 2000, but I just can't think of more of them right now. I wonder why this is though.

Is it something to do with the water we were all raised on? Or is it the social justice theology we all had healthy doses of? Are we all tortured souls looking for a way to explain/justify our existence on this planet? Or are we just reacting to the negatives of this world by sowing our own beautiful positives. Hard to really know...I just find it odd, fascinating and really cool.

Here's some wicked tunes for ya'll:

Stringer Lake:

The Change

More soon...


  1. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that as a Mennonite minority group we were always struggling through misconceptions about how the world views us. Art gives you an escape from everyone's broad assumptions.

    Really cool list K, but I'm having a hard time putting names to the list. Fill us all in!

    Oh, and I think the list explodes when you start considering how many people play an instrument, are passionate lovers of music, or poetry in song.

  2. Hey Ben, I was thinking about your last sentence as I wrote the post last night. There are of course a large number of people who play guitar, piano, sing, enjoy the arts from that group too.

    Okay, names to the list:

    1 Graphic Designer - Jolene
    3 Photographers - You, Scott, Myself
    1 Actor - Jen P
    2 Bands - Kevin P, Marcus McD, Allan R-McD
    1 Aspiring Filmmaker - Paul P
    2 Artists/Painters - Laurena N, Joel N

    You could also make a case for the likes of:
    Sarah S (Aaron's sister)
    and anyone who spent time plucking guitar strings:
    Kris B,
    Phil B,
    Steve B,.... hmmm anyone else?