November 24, 2008

Another Photography Blog?

Yeah, great...just what the world needs right? Another photography blog...cuz there's just not enough out there already. Alright so I'm not looking to make a big impact on the photographic world or to change the way anyone thinks about any of this sort of stuff, but sometimes it pays to have a place to share your musings about this lens, camera, chimping thing.

I'm hoping in the next year to see some more improvement in my picture making skills, which I'm sure there will be. I'm also hoping in the next year to have one or two paying photography gigs...fingers crossed on that one.

So really I want this blog to be about sharing my latest photographic discoveries and musings, my latest projects and what keeps me picking up my camera on a regular basis.

There are some other things in the works, but I'm just not ready to share any of that quite yet.

More later...