November 25, 2008

Eric's Portraits

My friend Eric is a graphic designer. He asked me to shoot some portraits of him for his new website. So I surprised him one sunny November day and took him to High Park in Toronto an hour before the start of magic hour.

Was really frustrated with my SB-600. Shot with it bouncing into an umbrella but the Creative Lighting System (CLS) wouldn't allow me to shoot from all the angles I wanted to. This is twice that this has happened now and it's rather frustrating to feel constrained by your lighting system.

One of my favourite shots from that day! The SB-600 bounced finally agreed to let me shoot from an angle that turned out to be pretty wicked!

Eric having a good chuckle. He's got this great robust laugh. :)

More soon...


  1. It will be fun to see where this takes you! I've added you to the links on the side of my blog, and added you to the blogs that I follow. Keep it up!

  2. BTW - if you are interested in joining a pretty awesome photography community, check out

  3. Thanks for both the encouragement and the link up Ben! I've added you to my list on here and my google reader feed. It'll be neat to look back at where I've come from.