August 7, 2009


I'm in Moncton, New Brunswick tonight and had an interesting moment visiting an indoor amusement park after I grabbed a bit to eat. The park was practically empty save for a few kids and adults enjoying the rainless indoor fun.

Vintage carousels, and swings were mostly empty and the garish fun of such a place was the perfect setting for me to wander with my camera....myyyyy camera.....???? ohhhhh Crap... left it in the hotel room when I decided I was going to leave my shoulder bag there for the evening since we were "Just going out for dinner"... sigh. PERFECT and I MEAN perfect photo opportunity GONE. I was annoyed with myself. Still am.

One thing I SHOULD know by now having spent many a day/evening hanging with my friend Mike and having him TELL me the same thing is: "NEVER GO OUT WITHOUT YOUR CAMERA!!!" yeahhhh...fine. You win.. Lesson learned... stupid me.

Now I DID however get some really great pictures of the world's longest covered bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick. Plus some really fantastic portraits of my sister, and my parents...and the obligatory "WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE WE NOW!" Christmas portrait. This year we've decided to shoot several of these on the trip and then we'll all pick the best one (can you tell my family is obsessed by design, details and good imagery?... we must all work in a magazine or something.)

Hoping to get some great scenary shots tomorrow as we cross from New Brunswick into Prince Edward Island on Confederation Bridge. We're definitely stopping to snap some pics there!

More soon...

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