March 29, 2009

And in the Land There Was Much Rejoicing

That's right! On a whim this rainy afternoon I drove over to Chapters to look for inspiration of any kind...photographic, design, good looking men...the usual stuff. Did my run through the magazine section and found about $50 worth of magazines to buy and consume. The stack wasn't that big, but it was heavy. Then browsed the photographic techniques and photography section of the store...there were some titles there that I owned already, others that I want to get but cost too darn much to justify right now and then others that will forever remain unpurchased by me: Dogs in tutus? Seriously folks! It obviously won the heart of some editorial, promo team somewhere, but ... seriously.

Then out of curiosity I wandered over to the fancy dancy mac enabled kiosks to see if a certain book by a certain National Geographic and Sports Illustrated photographer was in stock. Fully certain that it wouldn't be. I checked anyways, and to my surprise it said: 2 copies available at this location, 8 copies available nearby.


Panic then ensued. CRAP! I didn't see it in the photographic techniques section...AHHHH!!! There was another girl intently perusing that section...NOOooooooooooo She's probably got the only two copies! CRAP!!!

*walk fast walk fast walk fast*

*Search search search*

GAH!! It's not there!!! OMG! Someone has them and hasn't bought them yet!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

*walk fast walk fast walk fast*

HOly crow where's a staffer when you need one!!!

"Uhm, excuse me, I'm looking for a book in the photographic technqiues section, your computer says there are two in stock and yet I can't seem to find them on the shelves in that section, can you help me?"

*walk fast walk fast walk fast*

*double search search search*

"AHHHH HA! Here they are tucked away in a hidden section of the photographic techniques shelves!"


*Return piles of magazines to racks*

*walk fast walk fast walk fast*

"Oh man am I so glad that you guys had two copies of this book! I've been waiting a long time to get it!'

Girl looks at me like I've got horns, warts and am speaking Swahili. I am undaunted and continue my discourse on how photographers have been waiting with baited breath for "Hot Shoe Diaries" to arrive in Canada, and that it's made my day that I've been able to find not just one copy but two.

Yeahh.... sometimes I need to keep the geeky, awkward enthusiasm in check.

So I've read to page 120 already. Highlighting the important bits, but being careful not crack the spine nor bend the pages and corners. A bit of reverrance is needed for such a book, but only a smidge.

I'm surprised to see that I've already read several of the chapters, besides the one that I pointed you all to a few weeks ago online. It seems Mr McNally err Joe, has been testing his material out on us to test drive the response to said book. Not that I mind, I love his casual conversational writing style, one that I think more writers should adopt, but it's a bit like already knowing how the massive summer blockbuster will end because someone filled you in on the details ahead of time.

Ah well, I'm just glad that I now have a copy of my own and that I don't have to wait around anymore. The hard part will be not reading through the whole book at warp speed.

More soon...

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