March 20, 2009

Pimp My McNally - Failed Attempt 1

This afternoon I called a well known business and office depot in Canada. They have a copy centre attached to many of these places, and so inquired about the cost and time needed to pimp my McNally.

Cutting the current spine off Moment It Clicks will cost $1. NICE! So then I asked how much it would cost for rebinding it with nice coil binding. The girl on the phone then proceeded to inform me that they are not allowed to destroy, mangle, repackage or "republish" copyrighted material in Canada. It's against Canadian Copyright law. Sigh.

If it was uncopyrighted material, they would then be able to do the cutting and rebinding. This doesn't make sense because copyright is assigned to the creator from the moment the work is created and therefore ALL publishable, reproducible material in Canada is considered copyrighted. I can print the entire contents of my blog and that is deemed to have a copyright assigned by me and to me.

So not sure how to find away around this. Perhaps I will try a different printing centre that starts with a "K" and rhymes with Gringos.

1 comment:

  1. I suppose you could to Gringos with a 'K' and have them cut the spine and do the multi-hole punching thing... you buy the coil thingy and thread it yourself. It would be a DIY binding.