March 15, 2009

March Shoot - Sarah and Jim

Had the good fortune of driving out to Brantford yesterday and shooting pictures of Sarah and Jim who quickly volunteered for my photo-shoot-a-month project when I announced it back in December.

I know Sarah from my teenage years at camp, she was our crazy, lovable, hilarious Sarah C. It was great to see that she has not changed at all...she now corrals much younger children who do many more stupid things than I think anyone in our counseling group ever did... but her youthful, vibrance is the same as ever.

On the same branch of thought, it was awesome to meet Jim, the mister Sarah picked from the pack! He knows exactly how to get Sarah to crack a smile (not that's a difficult feat); lots and lots of tickles :D

Anyways, enough! Here are some of their photos:

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