March 19, 2009

Step in Front of the Lens

Last night Mike, a photography friend of mine, did a fashion photoshoot with ME as the subject. He's in a portfolio building phase right now, and I was in the need for some fashion type photos of myself: works perfectly doesn't it!?

Sunday we were out for a bite and ended up finding this crazy scandalous dress that I typically wouldn't wear on any "normal" occasion. Lets just say the back is pretty much non-existant..well actually the whole dress is pretty non-existant...

Mike picked the Humber River Bridge downtown Toronto as the shooting locale, which I didn't tell him was the first place I went to take pictures last year at this time (I realized I was hooked on fotographie here). I have a black and white picture from that day that has remained my desktop picture ever since. So yeah, cool synergy with that location ... ;)

Anyways, the point of all this is that it was SO MUCH FUN! to be in front of the camera for a change. I've done the in front of a camera thing with a few other people before, but at this one I felt the most at ease.

A HUGE credit goes to Mike for this. He's the sort who keeps a cool head while paying attention to detail, but it was neat to see him working with subjects giving direction and pointing out things like needing to bend a leg more, or point a toe more, or where to focus your eyes. Even when the wind and a large piece of fabric knocked over one of his light stands (the light survived) he kept it together (I believe my response was "OH SHIT!").

It was great seeing how another photographer works, and handles "clients." Giving direction and feedback to the subject is always one of the toughest challenges for a photographer and he did all of this marvelously! I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of his work, I always have been, but after last night's shoot that has grown exponentially.

If you want to check more of this talented guy's stuff out you can find him overhere at: Mike Campbell Photography and you can also follow him on his blog at: Mike C Photos

Mike you're an amazing photographer! Keep studying, practicing, shooting and doing what I know you really truly love...oh and get your website up already!


  1. Wow Kat ... I really like what did here !!


    ps. nice model :-)

  2. He's got some impressive skill doesn't he!! Too bad the wind was ridiculous and blowing all sorts of cold and dust. I wanted to stay out longer and shoot in more places on and around the bridge. Ah well, next time :D Haha! Aww you're too kind :D *blush*