March 17, 2009

Pimp My McNally

Just read on PixSylated's blog that he got word that The Hot Shoe Diaries are shipping via Amazon. This means I can hopefully get my non-Amazoned (I prefer a Boreal Forest anyways) McNally in hopefully a week or two!

The other thing I read on Syl's blog is how to Pimp My McNally.

Done and offence Mr McNally but Syl's got a point, a perfect bound copy of the world's currently best written photography book (only to be ousted by the coming Hot Shoe Diaries) is entirely useless.

I'm pimping my McNally... aren't you?


  1. I've had my Hot Shoe Diaries on backorder for a while. I'll be keeping an eye on the postbox now....

  2. Good! I checked at Chapters yesterday and they show that they're still negotiating to get the book here!! So not impressed..sigh.