January 3, 2009

Facebooking of Thanks

Okay, so I realize it's taken me two days to wish ya'll a Happy 2009, but here it is. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thanks to you! Thanks for being in this group, for sending words of encouragement, for having conversations of encouragement and for volunteering to be photographed.

It means a lot to me, and although those words seem a bit cheap because they're used so frequently, those are really the only words that sum things up.

Photography is a strange thing. Your work is only as good as the last photo you took and even these ones are never up to snuff. But that's the fun part, you can always study, and practice to become better.

So with all that said! I've posted a few of my favourites to this facebook group, and have also posted another bunch on my blog: photosbykat.blogspot.com

Also, reminder that there are a few months still available to be part of my photoshoot a month project. If you want to participate, contact me and I'll get you slotted in to a month!

Cheers and Thanks!

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