January 5, 2009

Post-Shoot Analysis #1

Okay, so the plan from now on is to analyze my shoots the day after and look at what went well, what didn't and what I need to work on.

This is an exercise mostly for my own benefit, but I thought why not share.

I had someone comment a few weeks ago that it looks like I never take a bad photo. Part of me thought "OH DEAR GOD IF ONLY YOU KNEW!" and the other part of me thought "YES, that's a good sign! Keep thinking that!" I mean if I was to share the garbage that I quickly delete in case they ever accidentally get out there, well then all mystique and allure of me as a photographer is lost and NO ONE will EVER want to stand in front of my lens ever again. :D

I often turn to scrap paper and notebooks to get my thoughts down (I find it easier then a computer screen some days) so here's my scribblings for all to see:

Bought: Water Bottles, Fruit Tray, Veggie Tray (good idea over meal time hours for snacking...do this again)

Light Setup
--> SB900 Shoot Through L
--> SB600 Bounced Front middle low to ground
-don't know if this is my favourite setup.
Tripod is crap. Needs to be higher (my height at least. Bent at waist) and not fall -->Find one better. Velbon ONLY for walks. Can this be repurposed for something else? Reflector holder?

-Shoot went well -->setup day before helped with light placement, levels, and feeling more relaxed about whole thing.
-Taping up more sections of white background paper would have helped with having a wider shooting area.
-Taping light stand and tripod marks on floor helped get back to square one.
-Remember to screw in flashes. 600 almost fell several times.
-Work @ reassuring clients/models --> skills & patience
-Felt relaxed, at ease. Music/radio helped mood. Showing pictures to models and client helped all feel at ease. (Shot list in advance would help further).
-Directing was easier this time although group posing was difficult -->Need to practice more at this. Studying group shots would also help.
-Also need to practice manual focus.
-Don't forget that dial has light function so it can be read.
Generally things went well --> More useable shots. Less crap to discard. Focus off on some, practice. Eyes have it.

NB: Find more groups/couples for practising.

More soon...

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