January 8, 2009


So if the first full week of 2009 is any indication of how things are going to be going this year, well lets just say "I'M GOING TO LOVE 2009!"

In the last five days everything has sort of just fallen into place. I've had multiple requests for photography sessions from a number of people ranging in everything from portraits of kids and small families, to actor headshots and commercial web portfolios and even large family gatherings.

All of this through a lifetime of connections, this blog and marketing my skills on Facebook. Strange how the Facebook revolution has taken off. Would never have expected it to be this powerful of a promotional tool, but it's proving itself extremely useful.

Earlier this week I was also able to finally gain access to my photokat.ca site and in any spare time, and time that should be used for other things, I've been working at sprucing it up efficiently. Creating links to other people with startup businesses that have supported me and I in turn them, reworking which photos I want to have highlighted on my site, what I want to say on my site, design etc.

I'm now really glad that I spent a portion of last weekend getting my portfolio together, it is making it much easier this week to just drag and drop specific photos onto my site and as it turns out, it looks like I'll have a need to show my portfolio to people soon.

So what I'm discovering is not only am I starting to do my goal of shooting professionally, so far, I seem to be succeeding at it. So far... I'm super excited about this, and of course at the same time, really nervous (but in a good way) about all of this.

At this point that's all I can really say, or care to share, but it makes for a really exciting and amazing time in my life.

More soon...

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