December 19, 2008

Friday Linkings

I keep sending you off elsewhere to look at things...

1.) The worst photograph ever made was crowned today by The Online Photographer. I glanced at it quickly this morning, but it wasn't until I saw it pop up elsewhere in my readings that I realized what it was for (Lavazza Espresso) and who it was by (Annie Liebovitz). What is with this woman...she's popping up everywhere this week.

2.) The coolest photo project which took 32 years to make.

3.) The coolest photographer's website.

4.) The coolest retoucher's site.

5.) The most time spent with a wacom tablet.

6.) And just when I thought I couldn't find any more photography related links and blogs...Scott Kelby had to point me towards this site. Sigh...information freaks eat your heart out.

7.) And... Just to add to my Christmas reading list I uncovered Ronald R. Martinsen's Photography Blog and his list of books to read. Great.

I promise I'll do a proper musings type update in the next day or so. With work being nutso and Christmas arriving I'm trying to concentrate my writing efforts elsewhere right now.

More soon...


  1. Thanks for the link - Ron Martinsen

  2. Your welcome Ron! Awesome site you've got going over there, more than happy to link to someone putting that much work into writing and reviews.