December 16, 2008

Linking Around

Just a collection of variously interesting photography and non-photography related links for today. I should really do a proper update this week, but piles of things happening. Oh and it's almost Christmas...ACK! Still have so much shopping to do!

1.) Adorably cute cat loves him some boxes. Which must be followed up by this one.

2.) Joe McNally weighs in on the working for FREE conversation and writes the best thing I've read in a long time ...on photography. Makes you realize how passionate someone can be about taking photos.

3.) A good old What the Duck comic.

4.) An awesome commercial photo for Xbox's Fable II.

5.) The speed ring setup I'm seriously considering using thanks to David Tejada.

6.) And reading David Hobby's conversation with Rembrandt over beers makes me realize that I should be looking through all those art history books my mom has at her house. Perhaps my Christmas reading.

7.) MSNBC's Year in Pictures. It's always a well polished collection of amazing photojournalism.

8.) And my favourite photo couple (Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo at del Sol Photography) reach their first anniversary!

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