December 29, 2008

When Blogging Goes Bad

Like in all things, it's easy to stick your foot in the proverbial cow pie. Scott Kelby seems to have done this with a post mistake where he said he owned a Nikon 14-24VR such lens exists. Someone on his blog decided to be a bit ridiculous and ask if this was a lens that Nikon custom made for him.

Appears Scott decided to roll with it and go for the "yeah they did" response. Okay really, you can read about it all here.

I'm a little surprised at a few things:
1.) He'd even consider responding on a blog/forum platform in a sarcastic voice. People misinterpret words on this medium ALL the time. Seems a little irresponsible for someone this well connected to be doing.
2.) How much people really believe this guy. I mean come on people, if Scott Kelby said the sky was chartreuse, would you really believe him?
3.) That Scott Kelby hasn't turned the sky chartreuse in three easy photoshop steps and posted a tutorial about it...yet.
4.) How quickly misinformation spreads on the net: He wrote the fatal post last week on the 23rd and this Monday is telling us that Nikon has been fielding calls left and right and the blogosphere/forumverse has been going off the deep end. Seriously people, go shoot some pictures, read a book, write your own book.
5.) You mean no one else has noticed that Scott Kelby has turned the sky chartreuse!?
6.) That people are that hyped up about proving that Kelby is on Nikon's payroll and insisting he gets access to free stuff....although...I'd like to know how he got that tripod with his name engraved on it that there are only 200 made of that really only wealthy doctors can afford to own.
7.) Scott Kelby is god and the sky is chartreuse?

Really people, use your brains when reading this blog stuff...and cut the guy some slack!! He's either got a personal Starbucks barista that travels in his entourage or is mainlining crack. Between the 80 bajillion things that man has on the go he's gotta get tired and slip up on something at some point.

Kelby has his own Starbucks barista in his entourage!? Okay, now I've heard everything.

More soon...

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