December 2, 2008

Shoot This Week!

So the craziness continues...

I've got a shoot lined up for this Thursday night at 9pm. Shooting a boxing training class and then doing a model shoot of people modelling a fitness clothing line. Very very cool.

It's not a paying gig, but I've decided that getting out there and shooting whatever comes my way is more important than the money that comes from it. I'd rather shoot for FREE to build my portfolio so I can start to charge what I'm worth than having to beg, borrow, and steal for people to want me to shoot them and then charge a reduced rate. My philosophy: get paid full value or not at all.

Debating on whether I hand the guy an invoice when I deliver the final images and mark it as paid to show him the value of what I do, or if I should just leave it. I'm leaning toward the marked as paid invoice.

In the mean time. I'd like to pick up at least a shoot through umbrella between now and Thursday. Unfortunately, it looks like the only time I'll have to do that is on Thursday night several hours before I do the shoot ...and that makes me a little uncomfortable. I don't want to be figuring out how to setup my new equipment on site. But I think the lighting would be softer using a shoot through than if I used my bounce umbrella. Will have to think more about this.

Later tonight I'm planning to work on editing and posting some more pictures from this past weekend's activities.

Work-Passion-Life Balance is definitely coming into play rather quickly...

More soon...

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