December 3, 2008


Today it's become painfully obvious to me. I enjoy the taking, processing, planning, creating pictures thing way too much.

My heart is just not where I thought it was, and I think most people know that now. I know there are two places where my heart does lie...but to make that change scares me pantless.

So thought I'd share a note I sent a friend:

"I'm scared that three things are becoming painfully obvious to a lot of people:
1. My heart just isn't in this magazine thing any more.
2. I'm too distracted by photography related things.
3. I need to sell my place.

What's scarier is that if I do all of the above ...
1. How do I make my income
2. I like the lifestyle i can sorta afford right now.
3. I want to cry

So there yah have it ... a really honest glimpse at my life right now. To make matters worse I have a parent that's encouraging me to setup a studio in the family business offices and I'm not sure who in the family I can really talk to about all this. I work for them and I don't want upset/disappoint them.

It's tough.

More soon...

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