December 17, 2008

Wednesday Linkings

Wasn't really meaning to do a linking update until I saw these:

1.) Time Magazine has not surprisingly named Barack Obama as 2008's person of the year. What is surprising is how they've raided Flickr for pictures of the people's man from the people. Some really cool photos are in the Flickrverse of this man.

2.) Not only does this project have the best name ever, I think it's quite an original photo concept. Take a look at Finn O'Hara's work, but check out the site he made for this special project "I Love Your Fucking Name". To read the full story on this quickly read the Torontoist article on Finn before they disappear into net oblivion.

3.) Hmmm maybe photography isn't where I should be working on a second career...maybe, as evidenced by this, I should be a stylist for one of Annie Leibovitz' photoshoots... Except that I'd be short $778K if I did... On the other hand, I wonder how much Annie gets for these same shoots....

More soon...

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