December 1, 2008


It's a funny thing this inspiration stuff.

In an artistic medium - writing or photography - you're always looking for this sort of thing. It's a constantly elusive quality. You need it to keep going from day to day and when you don't have it you're desperately trying to find more and any source to give it to you...come to think of it sounds like a fricking drug addiction!!

Well it was and amazingly cool thing to hear today that I'm an inspiration to a young budding photographer. Isaac's work is really great! He's got an awesome eye for colour, exposure and composition and I can only imagine that he'll become a photographer of note as the year's go on.

So Issac, thanks for the notes I read today! It truly brought a huge yet humbled grin to my face, and a sense of responsibility for what I do photographically. To know you enjoy my work and draw inspiration from it makes shooting all that more exciting. Keep sending me your questions! I'll keep answering.

So to all the people I'm inspired by in my photography, both those that I personally know and those I have yet to meet.. THANKS! Your work truly inspires me. It reminds me why I love taking pictures and why I'm pursuing this passion.

More soon...

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